6:30 - 7:30 Flash Feast
Masonic Temple of Moncton, 115 Queen St

A mysterious and exclusive candlelit feast for the likes of King Arthur and his clan by Barolo & Co in one of Moncton’s rare architectural gems. Enter the "Eyes Wide Shut" atmosphere and enjoy the free-flowing champagne during this masquerade buffet.

75 guests only

7:45 - 8:45 / Projection: The eye + Live show by Les Hôtesses d'Hillaire
Masonic Temple of Moncton, 115 Queen St

Moncton’s Masonic Temple’s mysterious Blue Room will host the infamous NB band Les Hotesses d’Hillaire. Prepare to be mesmerized as visual artist BITS sets the scene with an immersive  eye boggling live video projection all over the room

Les Hôtesses d'Hillaire
FLASH invited Les Hôtesses d'Hillaire to play in a very secret and mysterious place of Moncton. Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire is a hard-hitting band from New Brunswick, winners of many awards. Extensively travelling throughout Canada and Europe with their own brand of psychadelico – psychotronic rock, bringing their own brand of showmanship to the public.

FLASH takes over Assomption Place on Main Street with installations, live shows, performances and a never seen before experience.
This venue will be open with a beer and cocktail bar from 7 pm till 12pm.

Assomption plaza will be on free access (and Kid friendly) / The shows of Gordon gets losts and Scientists of Sounds are ticketed events

Cocktails Garden
A beers and cocktails bar will be open from 7 pm to midnight in a heated zone
(cash and credit cards only)

Live Ice Carving
Two artists from Caraquet will use chainsaws, heat and carving tools to turn giant ice blocks to magistral sculptures
(From 8 to 11pm)

Jordy Jeppesen
will draw YOUR FACE live, on an electronic drawing pad connected to a projector making it giant.

Vince Kuzanagi
The French musician and producer will run a warming up DJ set
(Learn more)

9 pm / 10:30pm / 11:45pm - PHASE 
Assomption Plaza, 770 Main street 

Halifax-based visual projection mastermind Wasko takes over the impressive 20 storey Assomption building with a giant 3D mapping piece. The performance is choreographed to an original score and visible from Magnetic Hill.  Performances will be roughly 10 to 15 minutes long and presented at 3 scheduled times on Saturday night.


9:15 - 10:15 Gordon gets lost
Assomption Plaza, 770 Main street 
(Heated tent)

Going to a Gordon Gets Lost show is like being at an electrified kitchen party. All the elements are there; great friends, talented musicians playing for the love of it, and that feeling that you just witnessed something special.


10:15 pm - 10:30pm / Incendia Motus
Assomption Plaza, 770 Main street 
Incendia Motus is a breathtaking fire performance group from Halifax. These performers share a love of audiences. They are constantly striving to evoke enthusiastic responses with the mind-blowing feats they perform; artfully combining object manipulation, audience participation and improv comedy to weave around their fire-based breath-taking Acrobatics. From the streets to full-scale productions, Incendia Motus is a versatile and experienced Circus crew. 

10:30 - 11:30 Scientists of Sound
Assomption Plaza, 770 Main street  (Heated tent)

Scientists of Sound's signature anthemic electro sound unites raging guitar hooks with heavy club grooves and epic gang vocal melodies. Combining hard hitting beats and the frantic energy of a rock band with something to prove at every show, an SOS set leaves the audience feeling like they just climbed a fucking mountain.


12pm - Vaporwave party
Secret place, Orange lane

Vaporwave is an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. Vaporwave is characterized by nostalgic and surrealist fluro visuals. It incorporates early Internet imagery, late 90s web design, glitch art, video games and cyberpunk tropes. 
DJ set by Bones & special guests

Dress fluo if you can
Cash bar onsite - Last entry: 2am