Installations and live shows by Ben Caplan and The Olympic Symponium in a church turned into a shivering forest through immersive 360 projections by wasko

(Free of charge for kids under 12 years old)


Immersive 360 projection environment. Wasko  will bring patrons deep within a living forest. 

Brendan Tipney's art gallery is alive. Approach the frames and the paintings might just interact with you.

Projections of Moncton-made GIFs,  submitted by YOU!
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Mysterious turboPedro from Nanaimo doesn't need more than a Ukulele and a drum kit
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Drake Adams and Bob Orange from the Sticky bandits will be playing between the shows


8:00 pm - The Olympic Symponium
The four songwritters of The Olympic Symphonium have crafted their very own sound that features emotional musical flourishes, soaring harmonies that float in and out, and dramatic lyrical content. Four become one to create a singular vision and sound. It is the sound of a strange and beautiful tension. It’s the sound of a band not afraid to go deep into the murkier depths of the Canadian music stream, go against the current and swim upstream.
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9:30 pm - Ben Caplan
A charismatic charmer and a smasher of pianos. A madman and an earnest poet. A strummer of delicate chords and a lover of bent and broken melodies. Ben Caplan is not any one thing. touring from Australia to Europe and across North America, Caplan is simply unforgettable. His rough and textured tones cut through crowded halls; an enormous voice, roaring louder than raucous crowds. Caplan can croon smoother than a glass of single malt whisky, pouring beauty into a harsh world.
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11 pm - 1 am / Tide and Boar Ballroom, 700 Main st

Travel to DEEP SPACE with Moncton-based Primus tribute band Pork Soda for a dance party with 360 projections by BITS in the Tide and Boar Ballroom.

Halifax-based Orion Productions will create site design for the Ballroom that BITS gonna use for 360 projections. Ephemeral and not to be missed.

There is nothing more fascinating than admiring a starry sky. Make a wish thanks to Joel Culligan's installation.

Jedi of Funk gonna bring crates of the funkiest wax this side of the galaxy !

Pork Soda
When the going gets tough and the stomach acids flow. When the cold wind of conformity is nipping at your nose. When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees.
Come with us we'll sail the Seas of cheese.
This is a tribute to "Primus", a sonic and visual experience to share.