About Flash

FLASH is a two day winter event in Moncton created by the promoters of Festival Inspire to brighten the darkest days and nights of the year. On the 2nd and 3rd of this February 2018, festival patrons will enjoy a series of installations and performances created with light, 3D projection, and technology in and on selected locations in Downtown Moncton.

Events are designed to waken a city that usually falls asleep for a few months in winter, and to offer an experience never seen in Atlantic Canada.

Over the weekend, the public is invited to follow a route on Main Street to both ephemeral and permanent installations throughout downtown both inside and out - including a couple highly iconic or secret Moncton buildings.
Artists from across the Atlantic have been invited to perform immersive performances based on light, three-dimensional video projections and new technologies in the festival’s first year.

Some of Moncton’s larger buildings will be 3D mapped and projected on, creating optical illusions to change the cityscape temporarily. Flash is programming some exciting high-level light and technology-based artists.
The weekend will also include a culinary experience, shows around the “ice and fire” theme, and immersive concerts that offer not just a series of shows but experiences. Several exciting interactive public installations are being built.

The public can play a big part in the personality of the festival - giving them a number of different ways to interact and be part of the programming. GIF-fest is a mini festival built inside of Flash where the public will be given the tools to create animated images that will then be projected onto the walls of the city.

One of the main events will be orchestrated by Halifax-based artist Wasko, using 3D mapping projections and sound choreographed for a radical transformation on one of the city’s largest buildings, plunging the audience into a new universe.
Parts of the weekend are free of charge and accessible to everyone. Day and weekend passes give festival goers access to all shows, venues, visual and culinary experiences. Tickets are very limited.

This type of event is rarely seen outside of big capital cities. We hope to reach a high level of media arts with FLASH in the winter. We didn’t want to copy Nuit blanche or Nocturne Halifax and just hop on the bandwagon. The creation of Flash is something specifically designed for OUR CITY and we hope it will become an annual rendez-vous on the East Coast.

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